'Introducing Thulasi', Cinderella team's surprise for Raai Laxmi's birthday

Among the films that Raai Laxmi is working on in Tamil is Cinderella. Directed by Vinoo Venkatesh, the film is said to be a horror thriller with elements of fantasy.

The film is said to be a compilation of three stories and Raai Laxmi plays three different characters for the horror flick. Now, the team has released one of her looks from the movie, to mark her birthday today. The new poster shows Raai Laxmi as Thulasi. Dressed in a simple shirt, with rettai jadai tied up with ribbons, the character is shown receiving a crown from a blood-splattered hand that comes out of a mirror.

The poster came out to be biggest surprise for Laxmi and she expressed her emotions on twitter:

Laxmi in an interview said, “There are three different characterisations, and one of them is based on Cinderella. Why is she there in the film? We know her as this beautiful woman who had a fairytale ending, but in this, she gets a horrifying twist. I think that flashback portion will be a nice highlight. Another character of mine is a rockstar. It’s interesting how there are so many layers in a horror film and that’s why I was attracted to the script.”

Cinderella is a women-centric horror thriller fantasy, which is directed by Vinoo Venkatesh. Music for the film is by Aswamithra and cinematography by Rammy. Venkatesh was an associate director of SJ Suryah.


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