Parthiban donated 1000 kgs of rice to Raghava Lawrence's foundation

Parthiban Raghava Lawrence
Director, actor and dancer Raghava Lawrence has donated more than 4 crores for various corona relief tasks and has been helping lots of needy people through his Thai(mother) foundation.

Recently Actor - Director Parthiban donated 1000 kgs of rice for Thai foundation. Earlier, Superstar Rajinikanth had donated 100 rice bags.

Lawrence started the initiative on his mother’s birthday on May 2 and mentioned that even a handful of rice will go a long way in helping the needy. From the donated rice, 500 kgs of rice has been distributed to youngsters with social responsibility, identified by the actor, and they have been working on distribution of rice to the poor or whoever in need. Besides, he has also deposited Rs 25000 in the accounts of these youngsters for other expenses to distribute the essentials.

Parthiban released a video wishing Lawrence's mother a very happy birthday. Lawrence posted on social media: "Thanks for your love towards me and my family. We all are overwhelmed by seeing your video and thanks for immediately accepting my request and donating 1000 kgs of rice for corona relief, our team will distribute your donation through the initiative Thai to the right people who are suffering in hunger and we will report the details to you soon. You have big heart and I’m aware that you are helping in many other places also, I feel so proud to be your friend." Lawrence also mentioned that whoever wants to donate can contact a particular number.

Raghava Lawrence posted on Facebook, revealing the youngsters who are involved in this social welfare activity:


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