Ponmagal Vandhal - Movie Review

Amazon Prime Video globally premieres the Tamil film, Ponmagal Vandhal, on May 29. Directed by J.J. Fredrick and produced by Suriya, the legal drama stars Jyotika in the lead, along with Parthiban, Bhagyaraj, Prathap Pothen and Pandiarajan.


Ponmagal Vandhal is set in Ooty in 2020. The film opens with a double murder that took place. A woman named Jothi is arrested for abducting and murdering five children and two youngsters. Dubbed "Psycho Jyothi", she's shot dead in an encounter and the case is closed.

15 years later, A local resident named ‘Petition’ Pethuraj (K. Bhagyaraj) is well known for filing cases against the general public to be in the limelight. Pethuraj's daughter Advocate Venba (Jyotika) decides to reopen the case, the first one that she's arguing in court. Bhagyaraj plays her father, Petition Pethuraj, a man who has the habit of filing petitions on just about anything under the sun.

The public view is that he is reopening the case for publicity so that his daughter Venba (Jyothika), a defense lawyer, gets famous. But the reality is different.


Ponmagal Vandhal is a valuable film, that must be watched by everyone for the hard hitting message it drives home and for Jyothika's performance.

2.8/5 (Behindwoods)

Jyothika is back with a relevant. Ponmagal Vandhaal speaks out loud and clear on an important topic, and delivers a much-needed message for the society.

3/5 (IndiaGlitz)

Ponmagal Vandhal is an ambitious film that deals with a valid subject and hits hard at parts. However, the Jyotika starrer fails to create a deeper impact.

2.5/5 Akhila R Menon (Filmibeat)

PonmagalVandhal is a topical hard hitting court room drama with an emotional twist. Jyotika as Venba holds this relevant legal drama together with a stunning performance from R. Parthiepan

Sreedhar Pillai

Jyotika carries the film with her performance, but you wish she varied the mix of pain-sorrow-determination: after a point it becomes one-note.

2/5 Shubhra Gupta (IndianExpress)

Ponmagal Vandhal is a film to be treasured, just for its messaging. The way the filmmaker provided a platform for the survivor to speak up and made people listen to her deserves much appreciation.

3/5 Janani K (India Today)

Ponmagal Vandhal is ambitious in what it wants to do and Fredrick has good instincts as a filmmaker. The twist at the end is unexpected, and brings the film together.

Sowmya Rajendran (News Minute)


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