Raghava Lawrence thanks TN Government

We all know well that actor, director cum dance choreographer Raghava Lawrence had been doing a lot of social services. He had been helping the needy at the right time and saved a lot of lives.

During this ongoing crisis, Raghava Lawrence showed his big heart when he announced the various charity activities he took up for helping people. Here is another incident reflecting how he always comes forward to help the needy.

Lawrence helped in the delivery of a pregnant woman when he got a call from the woman’s husband. Immediately, the choreographer turned actor and director informed the same to Tamil Nadu’s Health Minister’s PA who in turn helped the pregnant woman’s admission into KMC Hospital.

After the safe delivery of the child, Lawrence took to his Facebook wall to thank all the doctors who helped in the delivery and ensured that both the mother and the child are safe. The child is said to be healthy and the mother is under treatment. Like Lawrence said, “Service is God’.

Those celebrities who have been doing whatever they can in their ability are inspiring many others to come forward to help the people who need help during the current crisis.


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