Vijay Antony takes 25 percent paycut to help his producers

Vijay Antony
Actor-composer Vijay Antony is currently busy in acting has voluntarily offered to reduce his pay by 25%, estimated to be in the range of Rs 1 crore.

Vijay Antony's upcoming three films namely Tamizharasan for Producer FEFSI Shiva, Agni Siragugal for Amma Creations T. Siva and Khaki for Director Senthil Kumar of Open Theatre and Infiniti Film Ventures are in various stages of completion and gearing up for release soon.

With the suspension on film shoots remaining in place amid the COVID-19 lockdown, Tamil film producers are fretting the losses they are set to incur, which, given the circumstances, means that films under production are likely to be delayed by a further three to six months after work is allowed to resume.

Considering the loss that will be incurred by these three Producers, with a view to support them to overcome from this situation, Vijay Antony came forward and offered 25% reduction in his salary for these three films.

With this support, he is confident the Producers will be able to bring down their overall cost and ensure these three films have a smooth release. Commenting on this magnanimous gesture, Producer Amma Creations T. Siva stated that, “It is very kind of Vijay Antony to accept salary reduction considering the situation we are in due to the lockdown for over 50 days and the further delay expected in releasing the films. We request that all actors and technicians should also come forward and accept reduced salaries so that the overall cost of all the current film producers reduces to tide over the crisis all of us are all facing currently. By accepting this reduction in the agreed salary, Vijay Antony is becoming an example of being a good Producer’s Actor and we wish him all the success in his future films.” Other Two Film Producers have also wholeheartedly welcomed this ‘voluntary salary reduction support’ offered by Vijay Antony.


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