Ram Gopal Varma cashing from his adult movies on OTT platform

Famous director Ram Gopal Varma is making adult movies and releasing it on OTT space to make money during this lockdown.
Ram Gopal Varma Naked
Telugu director writer producer Ram Gopal Varma was once a celebrated director, but did not give any hits in recent times. He is known among Tamil audiences for directing Suriya starrer multi-lingual 'Rakht Charitra' dubbed as 'Ratha Charithram' in Tamil.

The director who is known for his marketing skills, is now using this lockdown period to releasing his own movies on the blockchain based streaming platform https://the-ally.com under his own space https://rgvworld.the-ally.com. The filmmaker initially released an erotic thriller film called 'Climax' that starred Mia Malkova. The director fixed a price of Rs.100, so viewer has to pay Rs.100 to watch the film. He has received more than Rs. 1 Crore with the movie which is much more than what he allocated as budget. Ram Gopal Varma's impressive camera angles and visuals inspire audiences throughout the film.

Now with his second movie, 'Naked' featuring a newcomer named Sweety released on RGVWorld.in/ShreyasET Rgvworld.the-ally.com and https://Vimeo.com/RGVWorldTheatre, almost 40,000 users have paid for watching the movie which means he has got Rs. 80 lakhs as the ticket price is Rs. 200. The budget of this adult short film doesn’t exceed two or three lakh rupees.

It's clear that by hyping up these semi-porn movies as web movies, Ram Gopal Varma minting the money. With these two movies, RGV has once again proved that he is master in publicizing his movies irrespective of the content.


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