Actor Shaam arrested for illegal gambling

12B, Yae Nee Romba Alaga Irukke fame actor Shyam arrested for illegan gambling at his home.
Actor Shaam arrested for illegal gambling
Actor Shaam has been arrested by Chennai police for involving in an illegal activities at his home. The actor was reportedly involved in secret gambling activity at his home, which lead to his arrest.

As lockdown has been imposed, Shaam was gambling at his home along with some businessmen, new directors, private firm officials, Hotel owners and lawyers were among those arrested and it was found that lakhs of money was involved in gambling.

Police have arrested the actor and eleven others in his upscale flat situated in Sterling Road, Nungambakkam. According to reports, packets of playing cards, tokens, and other items have been seized by the police. The F-3 Nungambakkam police registered a case against the actor and others. Later, all of them were released on bail.

“Actor Shaam has been arrested along with 11 others. We are investigating the modus operandi over the use of tokens,” a senior police officer was quoted.

It is not known if there were any other actors in the group that was arrested. Reports say that the cops have got the tip from another actor who is said to have lost a huge sum of money with the secret gambling gang. It's worth mentioning that young student killed himself recently after losing money in online gambling.

The arrest of Shaam has shocked many in the industry, he has acted in films like '12B', 'Yai! Nee Romba Alaga Irukke', 'Ullam Ketkume', and 'Iyarkai'. He also appeared as a villain in a few Telugu films.


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