Cocktail (Tamil) - Movie Review

Cocktail (2020) Critics review. Read the review before watching it. Watch it online, streaming on Zee5 OTT platform.
Cocktail (Tamil) - Movie Review
Following Jyotika’s 'Ponmagal Vandhaal' and Keerthy Suresh’s 'Penguin', 'Cocktail' joins the list of films opted for OTT release during these tough times. 'Cocktail is a Tamil thriller movie, directed by Vijaya Murugan which released on OTT platform, Zee5 from July 10th. The cast of Cocktail includes Yogi Babu, Sayaji Shinde, Mime Gopi and has music by Sai Bhaskar.


Four friends (Don, Pandi, Anbu and AJ) have a party over the night in one of their flat as one of them, Anbu (Mithun Maheswaran) is about to be engaged to his girlfriend Tamizhini (Meghana Ellen), the daughter of a police officer (Sayaji Shinde). When they wake up the next morning, they find a dead girl in their room. They aren’t aware of what happened the previous night and attempt to dispose the corpse so that they aren’t trapped. On the other hand, there is a valuable idol that is stolen by a gang (headed by Mime Gopi). Raja Manicken (Sayaji Shinde), police who is heading the investigation, is given a deadline to find them within seven days. How the two separate tracks come together unexpectedly leading perplexities with fun and thrill forms the crux of the story.


Cocktail (2020)Cocktail (2020)
Rated 1.5/5based on 3 critics reviews
A dreadful brew that stinks of bad humour. Lack of imagination and repetitive bad humour, that assault you on a more primal level.
Sudhir Srinivasan ()
Yogi Babu barely raises a laugh. Unfunny scene with no sense of comic timing. Neither makes us care for the characters nor leads to scenes with nail-biting suspense.
1.5/5 M Suganth ()
Yogi Babu-starrer is a flawed drink. It could leave you feeling numb by the end of its 127 minute runtime.
Pradeep Kumar ()


  1. One time watch... It's funny toeards the end.


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