Napoleon in Hollywood, says he don't watch Vijay movies or talk to him for a reason

What is the reason for actor Napoleon to not to speak to Vijay and stopped watching his films?
Napoleon in Hollywood, says he don't watch Vijay movies for a reason
Actor, businessman, politician, ex-union minister, Napoleon is a multi-faced personality, who was last seen in Sivakarthikeyan's 'Seema Raja'.

The actor who started his acting career in Baharathiraja's 'Puthu Nellu Puthu Naathu' and known for his movies like 'Kizhakku Cheemayile', 'Seevalaperi Pandi', 'Ejamaan', 'Karisakattu Poove' etc, is currently residing with his son in USA and acting in Hollywood movies.

Napoleon's first Hollywood movie, 'Devil's Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge', released on OTT platforms in USA and Canada as the movie halls are closed. It is expected to release in digital streaming platform for the rest of the world.

Napoleon works as a museum superintendent in the movie. The film directed by Sam Logan Khaleghi based on the creature 'Nain Rouge', also stars Jessie Jensen and Nathan Kane Mathers. Napoleon has also starred in two Hollywood films - 'Christmas Coupon' and 'The Trap City'.

Meantime during an interaction over video conference, Napoleon said it was a comforting moment for his film to come out, as people are locked down due to pandemic. Napoleon said that in today's environment where films are unable to reach theaters, releasing movies on OTT is comforting. The actor said he is happy to do a dream urban luxury role in Hollywood when boredom hits with all rural village roles in Kollywood.

When talking about young generation actors and growth of cinema from acting with Vijay in 'Pokkiri'. Napoleon said he is not in talking terms with Vijay and not watching his movies due to an incident happened during 'Pokkiri' shooting.

The senior actor said: "I agreed to act in Pokkiri only for Prabhu Deva, who is a good friend of mine and not for Vijay. I don't speak to Vijay and stopped watching his films because I was humiliated by him at the shooting spot".

Napoleon is said to have gathered all his friends at the shooting spot of Pokkiri and when Vijay was resting at the caravan, he had a heated argument with the security of the Master star. On hearing the noise, Vijay who was super tired opened the door and enquired about the incident. Later, Vijay directly asked Napolean about the lack of manners.

Napolean said that "don't want to elaborate on that. A situation like that should not come to anyone. No one in my life has ever spoken to me like that. Never happened. It is not known under what circumstances he acted."

'Pokkiri' is the remake of Mahesh Babu's Telugu hit on the same name. Directed by Prabhu Deva, the movie become a massive hit for Vijay, who was called as remake hero during that time. Napolean said he is shining in the industry and growing big because of his hard work.


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