Suriya and Karthi raises voice against EIA 2020

suriya Karthi eia2020
Actor Suriya and his brother Karthi have been actively involved in charitable activities with their own non-profitable organizations.

While Suriya helps for the education of underprivileged students through the 'Agaram Foundation', Karthi helps out the needy farmers through his 'Uzhavan Foundation'.

On Tuesday, Karthi released a strong statement against the draft EIA 2020 reading “The EIA 2020 draft has instilled new fears in the minds of the common man and experts alike. This endeavor will be seen as an exercise to systematically dismantle a promising future of our generation to come and this should not be heralded by a democratically elected government of our nation.”

He also questioned why the drafts were put only in English and Hindi, and asked how millions of people with other native languages would understand the changes in the law. He also pointed out how an act or a law should be considered fair if it will ruin the concerns of the very common man, for whom such laws are formed in the first place. In the statement, he questioned several other aspects of the new proposal and encouraged people to learn the consequences of EIA 2020.

Questioning the necessity to pass the law during Coronavirus pandemic, Karthi urged people to send their views on EIA to the government's mail ID. Karthi has also shared several articles and news pieces which explain the EIA 2020 thoroughly.

Karthi said that the existing laws themselves are inadequate to protect environment. But the draft EIA 2020 would be more adverse'. Cutting down trees, destroying farmlands to lay highways and deplete natural resources to start industries are not good, Karthi said.

Following actor Karthi, his brother, actor Suriya has opened up and voiced out against the Environmental Impact Assessment draft issued by the Central Government. Suriya has supported the views expressed by Karthi yesterday.

Suriya's comment has come at a time when BJP member Kalyan has been mocking Karthi for expressing his views.

Kalyan said, “It is the fault of the society to believe that an actor will always be an intelligent person and cannot be stupid since brother Karthi is an example.

Retweeting Karthi's statement, Suriya made a tweet in Tamil which read "More than the spoken words, the unspoken silence is dangerous. To protect our environment, let us come out of our silences #EIA2020".

Netizens welcomed the actors stand against the government's policies to save the environment.


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