Vishal and his dad tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Actor Vishal Reddy and his father GK Reddy tested positive for COVID-19 and recovered by taking ayurvedic medicines.
Vishal and his dad tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Coronavirus pandemic have sent a ripple effect of delays and cancellations across the entertainment industry and have put the movie industry professional virtually on hold.

With over 2 lakhs cases of the virus cased in Tamil Nadu, celebrities and civilians alike are still hunkering down at home, even as restrictions begin to ease.

As the virus continues to spread at an alarming rate, celebrities are no exceptions. While Amitab Bachan's family got infected with COVID-19 and undergoing treatment and celebrities across the country have been open about them testing positive for the virus and undergoing treatment, Vishal have been discreet about it. Actor Vishal and his father and well known producer GK Reddy are tested positive for the virus.

Vishal shared that his dad was tested positive for COVID-19 and while helping him he also got infected. He further said that his manager also had similar symptoms such as high temperature, cold and cough. They all underwent ayurvedic treatment and are now 'hale and healthy', he informed in a tweet.

Now, both the dad and son are completely recovered and tested negative now.

Meanwhile on the career front, Vishal who was last seen in 'Action', is awaiting the release of Chakra, helmed by debutant filmmaker Anand and also starring Shraddha Srinath. He also has Thupparivalan 2 in the works.


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