Meera Mithun attacks Vijay, Suriya and thier family with vulger words

One of the controversial contestant of Bigg Bogg season 3 Meera Mithun who targets big names on the film industry to gain attention and negative publicity.
Recently she targeted Trisha claiming Trisha copies her look with photoshop'ed photoshoots and snatching movie opportunities from her.

Now the self-proclaimed supermodel has shifted her focus towards big names in Tamil movie industry. She attacked top stars like Vijay and Suriya over the nepotism row and claiming they are jealous of her growth.

The actress says Suriya felt insecure when her name was all over the headlines during Thaanaa Serndha Koottam days. She also said that Suriya is not a great performer and doesn't know to act. On Vijay, Meera said that his Bigil bombed at the box office and he is in the industry only because of his dad.

Fans of both the stars are angry with Meera who called Suriya a nonactor and Vijay and his family controlling the producer's council too.

However, Meera praised Ajith saying that he has climbed up the success ladder without anyone's support.

Later, fans of Vijay and Suriya used cuss words to attack the actress Meera. Meera has shared a shocking video where said that she will post tweets about Jyothika and Sangeeta in the derogatory language if fans of Vijay and Surya do not stop abusing her. Meera Mithun also said that she will one day become CM of Tamil Nadu and strengthen cyber laws.

In the video, Meera says Jyotika had dark secrets in the industry and after marrying Suriya, people see her as a holy cow. She also dragged Vijay's wife Sangeetha . Meera has used vulgar words on Jyothika and Sangeeta, the entire industry is shocked after that. Meera Mithun released the video captioning, "Shameless uncivilized @actorvijay @Suriya_offl fans ???? This is what you have taught (or paid) ur fans? Are you really living up to your standards of a star @actorvijay @ Suriya_offl using cyberbullies to threaten a woman, abuse a woman, if ur doing that better from tom don't call yourself as "MEN" let me send you to set of bangles & Sarees ".

The video didn't go well down with the fans of both the leading stars in Tamil cinema. The netizens are rightly commenting that Meera Mitun has unnecessarily made these extremely objectionable statements against Vijay, Surya and their family and demanding to remove the tweet.


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