Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath (2020) - Movie Review

Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath (2020) - Tamil Movie Critics Review. Watch it online on producer CV Kumar's pay-per-view streaming service, Regal Talkies
Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath (2020) - Movie Review
'Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath' is one of the films that have managed to get a new lease of life because of the lock-down and OTT boom. While the film had been lying in the shelves for many years, it is the first censored Tamil film to be released on producer CV Kumar's own pay-per-view streaming service, known as Regal Talkies.

Directed by Raghupathi, an erstwhile associate of RK Selvamani, 'Onbadhu Kuzhi Sampath' features Balaji Maharaja, Thambi-fame Nikhila Vemal and Appukutti in the lead roles.


The story begins in Trichy and shows Sampath working in a quaint workshop and heads back to his village with loads of money in his hand to get married to his ladylove Vasanthi. Sampath,a trypical wastrel life changes when Vasanthi, who normally doesn’t speak to anyone in the village starts a chance conversation with him. Sampath to fall in love and this is naturally un-welcome. He step into her home to ask her hand. Vasanthi’s family is flabbergasted and blames & doubts Vasanthi for this. To prove that she isn’t party to his act she insults Sampath in front of the villagers. Sampath leaves the village. The flashback ends and Sampath visits his home after two years. What happens when he comes back? Did they get married? forms the rest of the story with a sensational climax with twist & turns.


Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath (2020)Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath (2020)
Rated 2/5based on 2 critics reviews
An earnest but dated melodrama.
1.5/5 M Suganth ()
Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath, is not deep.
2.25/5 ()


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