TN Government grants permission for film shooting

Shooting in film industry has been allowed to operate with a maximum of 75 people but with no audience.
Valimai master KGF
Film industry has been going through tough time since the COVID-19 pandemic started and wide spread in the country. Film making has been stopped since last March when country-wise lockdown was announced.

As a result, many of the filmmakers who borrowed loan at interest are unable to complete the film or release the completed film, which increases their debit. Conflict escalates between producers and theatre owners as producer opting to release their film in OTT get the returns as theater and multiplex are closed.

Also, more than 20,000 FEFSI workers who depend solely on the cinema industry are being hit hard. FEFSI has said tens of thousands of workers in the Tamil film industry have been losing their jobs for more than six months and starving.

Many producers and directors met with Tamil Nadu CM and requested him to give permission for the film shooting to resume as many workers have been hit by the lockdown. Week ago, Central Government issued standard operating procedures for resuming film shoots in the country. If producers follow the mentioned guidelines, they can resume the shoot only if local state government allows.

Now, the Tamil Nadu state government has allowed film shoots to resume, has come as a sweet surprise to the film producers, actors, and the entire film fraternity. TN government in its statement on the list of relaxations next month, announced that film shoots can resume with 75 people on the set with no audience. Permission was granted to conduct shooting with a variety of conditions, including handling equipment at the shooting spot and forcing artists to wear gloves. A few producers and actors took to their social media handles to thank the government for allowing film shoots to resume.

While the Television shoots also resumed a few week back with a set of safety guidelines, the government has not allowed re-opening theatres. Theatre owners have been struggling without income since the initial lockdown.


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