Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 from Oct 4, with more changes than usual

Actresses Lakshmi Menon, Sanjana Singh, Sanam Shetty, Shalu Shammu, Shivani Narayanan and many others including actors Rio Raj, Karan and Balaji Murugadoss are expected to be a part of this season.
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 from Oct 4
After three successful seasons in last three years, the makers of Tamil reality show Bigg Boss are all set to launch the show’s fourth season.

While there were no official announcement on the start date, it is widely expect to premier from October 4.

Due to the coronovirus pandemic, there were lot of changes made from the prep-work to the format of the show. Like we already reports one of the eligibility for the contestants to enter Bigg Boss house is that they have to be COVID-19 negative. After the tests are negative for Coronavirus, they are required to go quarantine before getting locked up inside the house.

The show’s set has been erected at EVP Film City in the outskirts of Chennai, which is 90% complete. The interior of the house and the areas where the technical team stayed may have changed a lot due to coronavirus situation. Much emphasis has been placed on emergency medical care, safety features, and social space.

In addition to the rules for the contestants, now we hear the makers have made some more changes. Reports say that this time the contestants for the show will be reduced and the days of Big Boss will also be shortened.

Usually Bigg Boss show will have 16 contestants that runs for 100 or more days to select the season winner. But this time sources say there will be only 12 contestants compete in the Big Boss show and the show will be reduced to run for only 80 days.

Finalising of competitors selection is in full swing. Due to Coronovirus, many seem reluctant to attend as competitors. Lists appear to be based on speculation on social networking sites as contestants. But the task of securing a contestant by signing a contract seems to drag on until the last minute.

Meanwhile, several celebrities are rumoured to be taking part in the show as contestants. Nassar’s youngest son Abi Hassan, who starred with Kamal’s daughter Akshara Hassan in ‘Kadaram Kondan’, is said to be Kamal’s choice this season. The name of Mansoor Ali Khan is also under consideration. Here is the list of some of contestants rumoured to be part of the show,
  1. Anu Mohan
  2. Amritha Aiyer
  3. Karun Raman
  4. Sanjana Singh
  5. Rio Raj
  6. Lakshmi Menon
  7. Shalu Shamu
  8. KPY Pugazh
  9. Balaji Murugadoss
  10. VJ Rakshan
  11. Kiran Rathod
  12. RJ Vinoth
  13. Shivani Narayanan
  14. Sanam Shetty
  15. RJ Vicky
However, we have to wait for the makers’ official announcement on the day of launch to know who are all participating in the show’s fourth season.


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