Chris Evans accidentally shared his private part on social media and internet gone wild

The Avengers Movie star Chris Evans's iPhone camera roll which included a private photo, made its way into a now-deleted Instagram post on Saturday.
Chris Evans accidentally shared his penis picture
Captain America star, Chris Evans may have accidentally leaked his own NSFW photo on the internet.

The 39-year-old actor went on Instagram on Saturday afternoon (September 12) to share an innocent video of his family playing the game 'Heads Up'.

The video that Chris posted to his Instagram Stories with his 5.7 million followers was actually a screen recording from an iPhone and when the video ended, it showed the camera roll on the phone. The photos that were shown on the camera roll included several pictures of Chris, the Heads Up video, and a photo of an erect penis. There’s no way of confirming who the man in the photo is though, or whose camera roll is captured in the video.

That wasn't the only image to capture fans' attention. Another photo allegedly showed a picture of the star's face with the text, "guard that pu$$y."

At this time, it's unclear if it's Chris' camera roll or not and he has yet to address it publicly.

Moments after posting, the Captain America star quickly deleted his post on social media. The mishap soon became the number one trending topic on Twitter with fans sharing their reactions to the leaked snapshots.

Chris‘ name is currently the number one trending topic on Twitter and he is also number one on Google Trends, all because of the photo leak.


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