Thaman copied Ghibran's 'Ratsasan' BGM for Nani's 'V'? - Director denies

Nani's V director Mohan Krishna defends Thaman’s copied BGM music from Vishnu Vishal's 'Ratsasan' music by Ghibran
Thaman copied Ghibran's 'Ratsasan' BGM for Nani's 'V'
Plagiarism is not new in film industry, especially some Indian films mostly inspire stories, scenes from Hollywood movies. Songs, BGMs and tunes are no exception when comes to plagiarism.

Indian music industry has been infamous for allegations of stealing from countries audiences not familiar with their music, like South Korea, US, Middle East and repackaging it as it’s own. And many of those allegations are without merit.

Let's not go international, plagiarism is there within our country and within regional films and top music directors of the Telugu Film Industry couldn’t get away from the allegations of copying the music from other films.

Now music composer Thaman Sai is under fire for such plagiarism. There is an allegation that Thaman has copied the background music for Nani's 'V' from blockbuster hit 'Ratsasan' directed by Ram Kumar, which has music scored by Ghibran.

Recently Nani's 25th film 'V' released directly on Amazon Prime video and movie watchers who watched 'Ratsasan' realized that the BGM (suspense) is so familiar and it's copied from 'Ratsasan'. 'Ratsasan' was remade in Telugu as 'Rakshasudu', also has Ghibran composed the music.

When reached out to the director of the film, 'V', director Mohan Krishna Indraganti outrightly defended Thaman and the background score he delivered. The director explained that the style might look similar but not the tunes. According to him, the BGM of ‘V’ isn’t a copy and he justifies saying that he knows music and was trained in that. -- Do you believe so? Audiences may not be trained in music, but can judge the similarity in the music.

Such allegations are not new for Thaman, grandson of the renowned Tollywood director Ghantasala Balaramayya. Tollywood circle says Thaman is the topper of copycat in Telugu music. He has copied numerous tunes and has right royally labeled them as his compositions. Sources say these are some samples of his previous copy-cat works
  • Gam Gam Ganesha song from film 'Dictator', copied from Selfie Le Le Re from the Bollywood blockbuster 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'.
  • Ravi Teja's 'Kick 2' background score of Thaman highly inspired from Stephen Marley's 'Rock Stone' music video.
  • Nuvvu Nenu Janta song from 'Power' is copy of Saree Ke Fall Se song from the Bollywood flick 'R... Rajkumar'.
  • Champesinde song from Power is copy from En Kadhal Solla song from Yuvan musical 'Paiyaa'
and the list goes on...


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