'Andhaghaaram' locks release date on Netflix

Atlee said she is delighted with the supernatural thriller, Andhaghaaram releasing on a global platform like Netflix
'Andhaghaaram' locks release date on Netflix
'Andhaghaaram', written and directed by debutant V Vignarajan is ready to premiere on Netflix on November 24.

The film which has Arjun Das of 'Kaithi' fame making his debut as an lead actor, is an supernatural suspense thriller. The trailer of the film was released in April and revealed that film to be a cat and mouse suspense thriller.

Andhaghaaram, which is jointly bankrolled by Produced by Passion studios (Sudhan Sundaram, Jayaram), A for Apple (Priya Atlee) and O2 Pictures (K Poorna Chandra), will also be available in Telugu as Andhakaaram.

Talking about the film, Atlee said that debutant director Vignarajan will surely leave a mark with the thriller.

I am delighted that Andhaghaaram has found a home on Netflix. The film has been appreciated by many already and through Netflix, it will reach audiences around India and the world, who have a taste for stories, regardless of language. This is Vignarajan’s debut feature, but he is a name that people will remember long after they have watched the film,” Atlee said. "This is Vignarajan's debut feature, but he is a name that people will remember long after they have watched the film," she said in a statement.

Andhaghaaram is a blind conjurer’s struggle for survival, a washed-up cricketer’s fight for deliverance and a desolate psychiatrist’s quest for reclamation, which lead them all to a labyrinth of obscurity as their lives are intertwined in a web of deceit, dismay and darkness,” shared the makers.

Arjun Das, Vinod Kishan of 'Naan Mahaan Alla' fame, Pooja and Kumar Natarajan play the leads in the film. There are three stories, and they play the leads in these stories. The film's cast also includes Meesha Ghoshal, 'Jeeva'Ravi, 'Rail' Ravi and Mahendra Mullath.


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