Bigg Boss S4: Bala faked his childhood story to gain sympathy?

Bigg Boss contestants participated in the anecdotal task and Balaji Murugadoss's unexpected childhood incidents shook the housemates, which seems fake
Bigg Boss Balaji Beer bath swiming pool
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 contestants completed their first week inside the house with some conflicts within the housemates.

On Day 5, Balaji Murugadoss (a) Bala, narrated heart-wrenching physical abuse by his parents he faced during his childhood which shook the housemates.

He talked about his alcoholic father who would beat him up with a gas-tube in his childhood, the lunch periods in his school days where he would rarely get food sent by his parents and abject social ostracization he had to face citing his spoiled family background.

Balaji also shocked the viewers by stating that his mother too is an alcoholic who abused him and questioned them both why they should bring a child into this world when they cant take care of it.

Immeditely netizens fact checked the story and couldn't find any truth in his narration on the show. Viewers are speculating that Balaji has made up the story about his past as a strategy to win the game, and some even claim online that Balaji hails from a middle-class family.

Now a controversial video and photos have surfaced on social media that show Balaji Murugadoss in a bad light, in which Balaji is swimming in a pool, consuming alcohol and having a beer bath, which raises questions about Balaji being an abuse victim or a neglected child.
Bigg Boss Balaji Murugadoss Beer bath
Also, Balaj posted pictures of his parents on his Facebook handle recently, when he was going through the necessary quarantine, confirms he is from a good loving family.
Bigg Boss Balaji Childhood parents

Bigg Boss Balaji Childhood parents
Meanwhile reports say that Bala's admin is deleting all such controversial posts, photos and videos from his social media accounts.


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