Netizens react to Bigg Boss Velmurugan's tight hug to Sanam Shetty

velmurugan sanam
On the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss Tamil 4, housemates have completed 10 days inside the house. The day 10 episode has now upset the netizens with a fellow housemate behavior towards Sanam Shetty.

In the episode, daily task was given to the housemate to choose a partner and asked to drop a ball in the bowl. Whoever drop the ball successfully inside the bowl, can evict one contestant from the task after stating a valid reason and the last standing pair gets immunity from nomination in the upcoming week.

Sanam Shetty and Velmurugan chose to be teammates and they were declared winners. 'Bigg Boss' announced that the duo are exempted from nomination for eviction for the next week.
velmurugan sanam
Hearing the announcement, Velmurugan gone in to a mood of celebration hugged Sanam Shetty so tightly, carried her around and had his face on her chest at one point. Even Rio hopped in to help Sanam from the tight hug. Sanam didn't make any big fuzz on it and moved away from Velmurugan.

But this has caused murmurs among viewers and the folk singer's action has not gone well with a group of netizens who have been bashing him on social media for crossing the limits with the actress.

However, Velmurugan's supporters claims that the singer is very close to Sanam Shetty right from day one of the show, and always addresses her as his sister and likewise Sanam considers Velmurugan as an elder brother, and calls him 'Anna'.

Here are some of the reactions from social media:


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