Netizens wants Sanam out as she uses disrespectful words against Suresh [Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4]

'DEI nee veliya VAADA ippa', Sanam Shetty shouts at Suresh Chakravarthy for what he jokingly did during the task

Suresh Hits Sanam, Sanam Vada Poda Yov Suresh
In the weekly luxury budget task 'Naada Kaada' features the contestants in two groups - Royals (Raja Family) and Demons (Evil Family).

Rio Raj, Ramya Pandian, Sanam Shetty, Nisha, Vel Murugan, Som Sekhar, Samyuktha and Balaji Murugadoss played the Raja family yesterday and Evil family today. The rest, Suresh Chakravarthy, Archana Chandoke, Anitha Sampath, Gabriella Charlton, Aajeedh Kalique, Aari Arjunan, Shivani Narayanan and Jithan Ramesh, formed the Evil family yesterday and Raja family today.

According to the task, a war was waged between the two families. Based on the conditions imposed, the members of the Raja family should get through the ridicules of Evil family in a freeze position, one by one.

In today's episode, the members of the Evil Family have taken up different techniques by using the smell of scents, air freshners, nail polishes and squirting an orange to topple the confidence of the contestants of the Royals gang.

Suresh Chakravarthi, in the spirit of the game tried to keep the evil family away from entring the house with slippers, brooms and hit Ramya Pandian, Nisha jokingly. But he had apparently hit Sanam Shetty on the forehead and this triggered angered her, and she shouted she will not tolerate this.

Sanam lost her cool and shouted Suresh Chakravarthy with disrespectful and abusive words like including, 'DEI nee veliya VAADA ippa', 'AAVAN yaru mandila adika', 'Apadi mandila ADIKURAN', 'YOV Veliya vaa NEE ippa', without respecting his age.

Archana, Aari, Balaji everyone came in support of her and told Suresh that what he did was wrong. Finally Suresh apologized to Sanam and mentioned he did not know it was her and if he did, he would not have come near her. 

Archana, who acted like a school teacher asked Suresh to apologize to Sanam, Nisha and Ramya. But She didn't ask Sanam to apologize Suresh for her disrespectful words against Suresh.

He apologized to everyone he had hit jokingly, and kept speaking to the cameras asking Bigg Boss to call him to the confession room. Inside the confession room, Suresh criticised his own behaviour as immature and wept hard.

Meanwhile netizens reacted to those harsh abusive words Sanam choose against Suresh and wanted Sanam out from Biggboss house. Social media is against her saying, she is disrespectful, acting, drama queen after she claims she would have lost eyes.


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