Andhaghaaram (2020) Movie Review - Worth a watch

Check out the review of Andhaghaaram, a supernatural suspense thriller directed by V. Vignarajan. Currently streaming on Netflix
Andhaghaaram (2020) Movie Review

Cast: Arjun Das, Vinoth Kishan, Kumar Natarajan, Pooja Ramachandran, Misha Goshal
Production: Priya Atlee,Sudhan Sundaram, Jayaram, K Poorna Chandra
Director: V. Vignarajan
Music: V.Pradeep Kumar
Release Date: 24 Nov 2020
Run Time: 2 hrs 51 mins
Now streaming on Netflix


Andhagaaram begins with several people end their lives with a smile on their faces. Then we were shown lives of Vinod (Arjun Das), a cricket coach and Selvam (Vinoth Kishan), a blind orphan working as clerk in library with a failing kidney trying to get money for organ replacement.

Pooja (Pooja Ramachandran) is Selvam's teacher and seems to be attracted to him. Pooja's younger brother who has mental disease is friend of Vinod. Vinod is losing his sanity due to an unknown caller tormenting him on his phone. How these three people’s lives connect to psychiatrist Dr. Indran (Kumar Natarajan) forms the rest of the story with a supernatural element added into it.

Critics Review

Andhaghaaram is high on thrills, performances and technicalities but could have been even more gripping if the runtime was a bit shorter.
3 / 5 ()
Long fuse for a middling payoff. Seemingly complex screenplay that promises a lot at the outset only to fail in the end.
2.5 / 5 Kirubhakar Purushothaman ()
The Novelty is in the details. Go for this multilayered new age supernatural psychological thriller
3 / 5 ()
Slow-burn suspense thriller is a test of patience. The film appears complicated due to a drawn out screenplay. Nonetheless, director Vignarajan’s debut is an interesting piece of work.
Pradeep Kumar ()
A moody, spectacular supernatural thriller, marks the arrival of a filmmaker who needs to be taken seriously.
Haricharan Pudipeddi ()
A long-drawn, yet engaging thriller. Supernatural thriller, but there’s no spook in the story. Psychological elements? Aplenty. But the chill in the story is lost somewhere between wanting to be both.
3 / 5 V Lakshmi ()

Andhaghaaram | Official Trailer | Arjun Das, Pooja Ramachandran, Vinoth Kishan | Netflix India

A blind magician struggling to survive, a failed cricketer fighting for salvation and a devastated psychiatrist looking for a way back: are you ready for a riveting tale that explores the web of darkness and dismay? Catch Andhaghaaram, directed by V. Vignarajan and produced by Atlee, on 24th November on Netflix.


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