Bigg Boss 4: Somu have love interest with Samyuktha, says Suchitra [Video]

Bigg Boss 4: Somu have love interest with Samyuktha, says Suchitra
Ahead of the Diwali, inside the Bigg Boss season 4 celebrations started with house decorations, more fun tasks and gifts.

In today's episode, ex-Bigg Boss contestants Mahat Raghavendra, Vijayalakshmi, Sherin, Aishwarya Dutta and Sandy showed up and gave some special tasks to the housemates.

In the midst of all, when Suchi and Sanam were eating at the dining area, Suchi revealed some interesting bit of news to Sanam which Sanam didn't believe and so as the audience.

While they hush hush about the romance between Bala and Shivani, Suchi told Sanam that "Somu is genuinely interested in Samyuktha... those talks have been consistently going on in their groups", she even asks Saman to inquire about to Somu.

Suchi's claims has shocked Sanam and the viewers too. Bigg Boss audiences know there are two love tracks inside the house - Ramya and Som pair and Bala and Shivani pair, but Somu and Samyuktha pair is new and we did not see any such happening inside the house.

We believe Suchi misspoke Samyuktha instead of Ramya. It is known that Samyuktha is married with Karthik and have a son Ryan. There are chances she might be lying about it to create some buzz inside the house, just like she lied to Balaji saying Rio and Nisha stole the property document from the locker in "Paati Solla Thatathey" task but the truth is Somu stole the documents as part of his secret task.


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