Bigg Boss Tamil: Will Ramesh get eliminated this week?

Who will get eliminated in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil this Week? Check out the voting results. Aari got the most votes followed by Balaji in second place.
Will Ramesh get eliminated this week?
Bigg Boss reality show is at the end of week and it is now time for one of the contestant to leave to house.

In the starting of the week housemates picked Aari, Bala, Somshekhar, Jithan Ramesh, Anitha, Sanam Shetty and Nisha for this week's elimination. Anitha, who won the nomination topple card escaped from the nomination by replacing her with Samyuktha Karthik.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Elimination Nominations List Week 8

  1. Somshekar
  2. Balaji
  3. Aari
  4. Ramesh
  5. Samyuktha
  6. Sanam
  7. Nisha
In the seven contestants were nominated for this week,  Balaji, Aari, and Sanam are regular names we see on the list. Ramesh and Nisha from the group (Rio - Archana group) faced elimination for the first time.

Like any other week, viewers were wondering who will be eliminated as we have approached the weekend. For the last few days, many online reports claim Nisha and Samyuktha got the least number of votes and there were more chances for one them to leave the house this weekend.

Now some news sources reveal that Jithan Ramesh, who was in the least third of casted votes until couple of days ago, is now pushed down to the end of the list and heading towards elimination for this week.

Bigg Boss audience doesn't miss Ramesh anyway as he doesn't involve in any open talks and spending more time as viewers like us or sleeping. Let's wait and watch if the "Raja Veetu Kannukutty" is going home this week.


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