Biskoth (2020) - Movie Review

Check out the critics review of Santhanam's Biskoth released for Diwali. The film fails to impress audience.

Cast: Santhanam, Tara Alisha, Sowcar Janaki, Anandraj, Rajendran
Production: Trident Arts, Masala Pix
Director: R. Kannan
Music: Radhan
Release Date: 14 Nov 2020
Run Time: 2 hrs 10 mins


The story revolves around the life of Raja (Santhanam), the son of a pioneer in biscuit production. His dad's friend (Anandraj) takes control of the biscuit company after Raja's dad passes away while our hero finds himself as a supervisor. How he manages to ensure that the company doesn't fall in the wrong hands and whether he becomes the owner of the firm is what the rest of the plot is all about.

Critics Review

With very few jokes that work, Biskoth fails to engage and entertain despite Santhanam's efforts.
2 / 5 ()
Santhanam shoulders an inconsistent fantasy comedy. Biskoth, unfortunately, crumbles like a biscuit dipped a tad too long in a glass of tea.
2 / 5 Avinash Ramachandran ()
A Santhanam movie through and through which might be a good watch for comedy lovers!
2.25 / 5 ()
Biskoth is more like Lollu Sabha with few jokes. But it is a pity that the comedy is nowhere close to what we have seen on the popular TV show.
2 / 5 M Suganth ()


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