Case filed against Balaji Murugadoss, asks 1 crore compensation for defamation

Joe Michael has now filed a defamation case against Balaji Murugadoss for calling the company he own as fake and fraud
case against Balaji Murugadoss
Season 4 of Bigg Boss reality TV show on Vijay TV has completed over 50 days and entered eighth week. Balaji Murugadoss become a topic of discussion in social media as he caught the attention of the viewers. He is now engaged in a slowly budding romantic relationship with Shivani Naryanan which has taken center stage on the reality show right now.

Few episodes earlier, Balaji embroiled in serious controversies beyond the game for his derogatory comments against Sanam Shetty, claiming that she won her beauty pageant title through casting couch.

When Bigg Boss asked everyone to write complaints aganist fellow inmates, Sanam stated in a letter that Balaji had "used the word ‘Adjustment/Compromise’ against a beauty pageant which I am the title winner of. This was without facts on basis of anonymous 3rd party reference was a huge." The writings in the letter were captured in the promo released by the channel, which was later deleted without giving any explation. However, it grabbed the attention of social media users, who lashed out against Balaji for accusing Sanam as such in the promo and demanding that he be removed from the show. He also accused the company that conducted the show as a fake one.
Sanam complaint letter about balaji
Joe Michael the owner of the company that Balaji accused as fake one, already warned legal action against Balaji. Now Joe Michael, Razzmatazz Group Franchisee Owner of Miss Tamil Nadu and Miss South India has now filed a defamation case against Balaji Murugadoss for calling his company as fraudulent and has demanded an unconditional apology. He has also stated that if Balaji fails to apologize by 05.12.2020, he will have to pay a compensation of Rs 1 crore as compensation.

Check out the notice:

"Respected Sir/Madam,

Under instructions from my clients M/s.Razzrnatazz Group Franchisee Owner of Miss Tamilnadu and Miss South India, Rep. by its Franchisee Owner and Or:anizer Mr JOF MICHEAL PRAVEEN,

1. My clients state that they are an Advertisement company, they are also been organizing Events and Programs. My clients have been given India's Business Award and Asia's Best Management Award for organizing the Events and Programs in a simple and extraordinary manner.

2. My client's state that they were also been granted license for conducting "Miss Tamilnadu & Miss South India" Pageant, that apart they arc also conducted several events, shows, contcsts. My clients are providing grooming sessions with untold hardship, besides suffering other ordeals in view of your defamatory statements. In fact, my clients are in mental agony, inconveniences, untold hardship, besides monetary loss for no fault of them in view of your malicious acts, heinous attitudes and false and defamatory statement.

In these circumstances my clients hereby call upon you

i) to pay compensation to the tune of Rs.1,00,00,000/- (Rupees One Crore only) to my clients as compensation for the damage caused to my client's causing mental agony and invading into the fundamental right and privacy of my client by making abusive, defamatory, Like and bogus statements either in the Social Media or through any other mode of Public Media as against my client

ii) to tender unconditional apology for intimidating my clients on 05.12.2020 by using unparliamentary words and defamatory statements against my clients in the social media without any basis, within 10 days of the receipt of this notice;

In the event of failure to comply with the above demands it is very strictly informed you that suitable and appropriate legal action will be taken against you for damages for.


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