Organisers about revoking Mr India title from Bigg Boss Balaji Murugadoss

Balaji became one of the favourite contestants at the beginning, some contradicting statement in the show questions his credibility
Bigg Boss Balaji Murugadoss

Balaji Murugadoss who is a model by profession, become popular after taking part in Season 4 of Bigg Boss reality show, hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan.

Balaji entered the Bigg Boss show as the Rubaru Mr India titleholder. He has been making all the noise inside the Bigg Boss house and has caught the attention of the viewers.

In the initial week Bala said that his mom and dad were alcoholics and no one welcomed him when he won the Rubaru Mr India contest in 2018. However later in another task, Balaji said that when he won the Mr India title a huge crowd had gathered and played local folk beat and his mother welcomed him home with Aarthi.

He also caught into another controversy after making derogatory comments against Sanam Shetty suggesting she won her beauty pageant title due to indulgence in casting couch.

Recently there were controversies after Balaji addressed his title as Mr India in the show many times, instead of using it correctly as Rubaru Mr India. Rumours were doing the rounds saying that he was dethroned from the title after the organiser posted a notice which says that the title should be used correctly together with the organization name, or else legal action will be taken.
Organizers about revoking Mr India title from Bigg Boss Balaji Murugadoss
Now the organisers of Rubaru Mr India, took to Instagram to clear the air. Vice President Pankaj Kharbanda, in an Instagram poster, revealed that Balaji completed his tenure with the company. He further added that Balaji is not associated with them anymore and hence they cannot take any responsibility of his comments against fashion shows.

The statement read, “It has been brought into our attention that one of the winners of Rubaru Mr. India contest, Balaji Murugadoss from Tamil Nadu, has made come inappropriate remarks regarding the Indian pageant industry and the entities that form it. We, at the Rubaru Group, would like to clarify that Mr. Murugadoss has already completed his tenure with Rubaru Group and we are not responsible for any actions or remarks made by him. All his statements and actions are purely framed by him and do not reflect the thoughts of the Rubaru Group. Mr. Murugadoss’ tenure with Rubaru Group ended in 2019 and he has already been given farewell. Rubaru Group or any of its subsidiaries are not liable for any commitments or comments made by Mr. Murugadoss as he is no longer serving the tenure with Rubaru Group. We are only responsible for actions of the titleholders who are still serving their tenure with Rubaru Group, as Mr.Murugadoss has completed his tenure, we are neither responsible nor associated with any kind of activities that he has done or will be doing in future.
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Dear Family please do not believe what goes on social media people are using my pic in their fake profile an commenting wrong stuff .. We never spread news about dethrone of bala to any News channel or in person we always said he has been released from his duty an there is vast difference in both .. Balaji Murugadoss is not dethroned. He has already fulfilled all his responsibilities during his tenure with Rubaru Mr India Organization and completed his tenure successfully. A dethronement can only happen if the winner is still serving his tenure. Since Balaji Murugadoss has successfully completed his tenure with Rubaru Group, therefore there is no point or reason to have such an action implement as it is neither applicable nor justified. Balaji Murugadoss was a complete gentleman thats why he won the tittle . An we have no rights to comment on any on his absence when he is not available to answer neither he is aware about whats happening outside . please do not judge organisation on someone personal view an comment on other people. We as organisation is not liable for same . So to make it clear again only affilation from rubaru group was release in 2019 may .his award tittle remain with him forever. I am maker i will never destroy anyone life neither has personal grudges with anyone.. beliver in karma let it play important role. So i really appricate if u understand this my goodwish is alwz with all my past an current winners. . #staybless #spreadlove #letkarmaplaytherole

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