Planing to see movie in Theatre? Check out the guidelines

Check out the rules/conditions for cinema theatres in the state to follow which are allowed to reopen from today with 50 percent seating capacity
Planing to see a movie in Theatre? Check out the guidelines
Theaters have been closed since the lockdown was implemented in March to prevent the corona virus. On 31 October, the Tamil Nadu government, in its order, said that it is approved to open cinema halls, theaters and multiplexes with an audience capacity of 50 per cent.

Guidelines were issued by the government, which have given instructions to ensure social distancing and sanitization. If you are planning to go to the theater, then some rules will have to be followed. These things have to be taken care of. Know these rules before going to the cinema hall:
  • Everyone must wear a mask in the cinema hall and give sanitizer to the audience
  • Arrange for the audience to sit one by one in theaters
  • The seats which cannot be folded will have to be marked with cross.
  • The entire system of buying tickets to watch the film should also be online.
  • Ticket counters should be open throughout the day to avoid overcrowding
  • The visitor’s mobile number must be written on the counter ticket
  • According to the convenience of the audience, the technical system of AC will have to be changed.
  • Entrance exit doors, seats and lobbies have to be cleaned periodically.
  • The cinema hall has to be cleaned after each show.
  • Arrangements will be made to make the cinema hall completely infection free.
  • Efforts will be made to ensure that the incoming people do not have much contact.
  • Not many viewers will leave the theater during the interval.
  • Apart from pact food and call drinks, there will be a complete ban on food items while watching films.


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