Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4: Will Nisha and Som get evicted this week?

Bigg Boss audiences were not happy with Nisha's stints this week over Archana's father death in the weekly task
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4: Will Nisha and Som get evicted this week?
Another week as we approach the weekend and Bigg Boss show is going to have another eviction. Sanam Shetty was the last and sixth contestant eliminated from the show.

Based on the call center task Aari, Balaji, Archana, Ramya, Nisha, Shivani were in the eviction nomination list. Later Somshekar, Ramesh, and Gabriella were swapped in the place of Aari, Balaji, and Archana.

Week 10 Elimination Nominations List

  • Gabriella Charlton
  • Ramya Pandian
  • Shivani Narayanan
  • Somshekar
  • Jithan Ramesh
  • Nisha
There is high expectations as to who would be eliminated this week. While it was rumoured that double eviction could happen last week, some news sources suggest that a double elimination might happen in the Sunday episode.

Latest grapevine suggest that Nisha and Som got the least number of votes and one of them is likely to be evicted this week. Ramya, Gabbi, Shivani and Ramesh picked the top spots in vote count and Nisha got the least number of votes.

If both Som and Nisha or any one of them gets evicted this week, this is the first blow to the Rio-Archana gang who formed group and doing favourism among themselves in the show.

we will have to wait until the Saturday and Sunday episodes to know the reality behind the rumour of Nisha's exit.


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