Court condemns Khushboo on 'immature comments' on virginity

The Supreme Court of India strongly condemned actress Khushboo for her immature and vicious comments on virginity and pre marital sex. Five years back the actress gave an interview to a magazine about pre marital sex of young girls. She told that there is no wrong in pre marital sex but the girls must be careful about the pregnancy and sexual diseases. She also 'advised' the educated male that they shouldn't expect virginity from modern girls.

Many Tamil activists and forums condemned Khushboo for her views and advised and sued against her in various courts of the state. Her appeal to the Supreme Court, challenging the 23 cases against her all over the country, has irked the Supreme Court.

On Tuesday (Jan 20) the Supreme Court questioned her on the necessity for such an extensive and asked her to produce transcripts of her interview within two weeks. The Apex court also strongly condemned Khushboo for her 'irresponsible, irritating talks' in public forum. Earlier the High Court in April 2008 ordered consolidation of all cases for joint trial and dispose of the complaints in six months. The Supreme Court had stayed the judgment.


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