Karthi speaks about Aayirathil Oruvan

Karthi while speaking to the media about how he got the opportunity to act in Selvaraghavan’s film said,” After completing my studies in America, I returned to Chennai.

The films which I saw after my return were Selvaraghavan’s Kadhal Kondein and 7 G Rainbow Colony. Both these films attracted me. After this I have become a great fan of him. When Paruthiveeran was completed and was waiting for release, I got a call from Selvaraghavan’s office to act in a film. Since I was very much interested to act in Selvaraghavan’s films, I met him.

He told me the story of Malai Nerathu Mayakkam. Since I liked the story very much I agreed to act in this film. After this shooting took place for two days. But Selvaraghavan said that he would complete the Telugu film first and then continue the shooting of this film.

Then there was a gap. Selvaraghavan began the film Aayirathil Oruvan in Tamil. Regarding my experience In Aayirathil Oruvan, Selvaraghavan initially told me that I should reduce my weight for this film. I underwent severe exercise and diet to reduce my weight for a month’s time. I don’t know what he thought. Again he came and told me,” I have changed the character.

You should put on more weight than Paruthiveeran. So increase your weight.” Again I increased my weight. He also told me to see lot of MGR films. The first schedule of the shooting was done in the forests. We were there for 45 days. We were able to reach the forests by two hours from Chalakudi in Kerala. The forests were dense and these kinds of forests were available only in Malaysia or Bangkok.

Otherwise you have to go to Amazon forests in South America. But since these places will be heavy on the budget, we decided to have the shooting in Chalakudi itself. We shot for 20 days in the night and 25 days in the day. Shooting in the forests gave me a new experience.

I am donning the role of a youth from Chennai slums. My body language, color and talk will be all like the Chennai slum dweller. There is lot of humor in the character. Hence there will be no dearth in comedy in this film. This film is not a usual romantic film but a adventurous film. “


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