Ajith's next fully in foreign locales

Ajith's next film in which he joins hands with Gautham Menon will be completely shot in exotic overseas locations says the latest prince of photography Manoj Paramahamsa. The movie will be a stylish detective film and of course Ajith plays the debonair detective a la Bond. Gautham is in the final stages of scripting. Manoj will continue with Gautham even for this Ajith film. It will start as soon as Gautham finishes the quickie he is doing with his assistant as the hero. At the same time Gautham is also planning a Hindi version of ‘VTV’.
Manoj Paramahamsa first got the attention of film goers in 'Eeram'. Then Manoj's photography was a special element in ‘VTV’. And that ‘VTV’ is taking Manoj places. After doing the Gautham-Ajith movie Manoj will be busy with the film ’ll’ starring Nakul. After that Manoj will again have a Gautham connection by doing a film directed by Gautham's assistant Manikandan which is produced by Gautham Menon himself for a reputed Hollywood production house.


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