'Goa vs. Tamil Padam' funny fight in Daily News paper ads

The makers of ‘Thamizh Padam’ and ‘Goa’ are waging a funny fight with each other in the form of newspaper advertisements.
It all started when an advertisement by ‘Thamizh Padam’ a few days ago claimed the movie as ‘A C S Amudhan Working Day’, spoofing the tagline of ‘Goa’- ‘A Venkat Prabhu Holiday’.
To counter this, the ‘Goa’ team, which celebrated its 50th day, released an advertisement on Sunday, which read in Tamil: ‘Idhanal than… Idharkaga than…ena engalukkum makkalukkum purindhu vetrigaramaga odikkondirukkum 50vadhu naal’.
For those wondering how Venkat Prabhu & Co countered ‘Thamizh Padam’ team with this ad, the above lines were a spoof of the 50th day ad of ‘Thamizh Padam’, which read: ‘Edhanal, edharkaga, ena engalukkkum, makkalaukkum puriyamal vetrigaramaga odikkondirukkum 50vadhu naal’.
And it is now the turn of ‘Thamizh Padam’ to come out with a reply. Can we expect more fun?


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