Hidden cameras in Chennai T-Nagar for Angadi Theru movie

Director Vasantabalan has confirmed that hidden cameras were used for the shoot of his Ayngaran International’s Angadi Theru in Ranganathan street in T Nagar, Chennai.
Says Vasantabalan: “The film has been shot 70 percent on Ranganathan Street and surrounding buildings. We were given permission to shoot only during night hours as it is impossible to shoot in daylight in the most crowded area in the state”
Vasantabalan said he fixed up hidden cameras to shoot during day times. Says the ace director: “We wanted a lot of reaction scenes of hero Mahesh and heroine Anjali on the streets as the story demands it. So cameraman Richard M Nathan fixed up vantage points on the streets and shot with the couple who were wearing uniform of a particular textile shop and passed off as sales people as nobody could recognize them.”
Those who have seenAngadi Theru are raving about it. Says a leading director who saw the film: “It’s beautiful well made film, with a great storyline nice melodies and a stunning hard hitting end which is refreshing.”


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