Priyamani Hot in Drona

Sri Lakshmi Super Good Films is dubbing the Telugu hit flick Drona in Tamil with the title Enaka Mani Unaka which has Priyamani, Nithin, Seetha, Mukesh Rishi, Babu Anthony and Rakhi Sawant in the cast. The film is directed by Karuna Kumar. The film revolves around the hero who is indicted for robbing Nizam’s jewellery.

The cops as well as the villains are after him. He is back after 10 years with a different identity. But his girl friend Priyamani who comes to know the fact helps him out. Both of them somehow trace the Nizam’s jewels and restore it. National award winner Priyamani has done a dare-bare act in bikini in this flick. She was reportedly skeptical about the skin show in that teeny-weeny piece, but later agreed and told the director not to release pictures until movie hits the theatres.


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