Vishnu and Sunaina's 100 kisses!

So far, we have seen both Vishnu and Sunaina in homely next-door-person roles. So, it should come across as a shock that the two have recently shot for a song that is laying claim to being the song with the most number of kisses in Tamil cinema.

The duo is coming together for the first time in Seenuramasamy’s Neerparavai and it is a song in this film that we are talking about.

Spilling the beans on this number, the director say, “We recently shot the song Devan Magale…, written by Vairamuthu and sung by Prasanna and Saindhavi. The song comes at a crucial point in the story when the lovers meet after being forcefully separated for a long time. They kiss each other endlessly to express their happiness.”

However, he says that the song will not seem vulgar to audiences. “There are over 100 kisses shared by the lovers within the space of this one song, but you won’t feel offended. We have not only shot these aesthetically but they will only convey to the viewer the happiness that lovers separated for a long time experience,” he adds.


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