Silambarasan - the new lover boy of Tamil cinema


After ‘Vinnaithandi Varuvaya’ released on Friday Silambarasan has become the new lover boy of Tamil cinema. With ‘VTV’ Silambarasan has reached the hearts of up market multiplex patrons from only front benchers’ favourite. Silambarasan has proved he is more than just kuthu songs and finger fiddling, he can even moist your eyes by his performance.

How was that possible? Silambarasan owes everything to Goutham Menon. In awe with Goutham, Silambarasan says the director got the best out of him by just letting him be. Silambarasan is conscious of the fact that ‘VTV’ has taken him to the next level and he has to be very careful to stay there and further his movement upwards.

On the miraculous chemistry between him and Trisha in ‘VTV’, the new darling of the elite film goers says he and Trisha are friends for a very long time and that made it possible. We reported earlier even Trisha agreed to this truth.

Now with the talks of a Mani Ratnam film coming his way, Silambarasan has finally decided to take his job seriously.


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