Dramatic changes in Vijay film

Vijay's new film with Siddique has gone for a title change for the third time. When the film started had the MGR film title 'Kaavalkaran' hoping to cash in on the ever green popularity of MGR films. But when the original producers of the MGR movie Sathya Movies objected, the title was changed to 'Kaaval Kaadhal'.

But the second title did not find encouraging reactions from even among Vijay fans. So now the title has been again changed to 'Kaavalan'.

Another major development with the film according to sources is that director Shakthi Chidambaram has purchased the film lock stock and barrel including its negative rights. This sudden development has taken many by surprise. When most of the Tamil community is up in arms against the film because of Asin and the overseas business is in threat, Shakthi Chidambaram's move is being viewed with mixed reaction.


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