Escape by Sathyam Cinemas – the city’s first luxury multiplex

A space beyond perception.
escape by Sathyam Cinemas – the city’s first luxury multiplex.
A culmination of style, innovation and passion, escape promises to be all that the city has yearned for by redefining the cinema experience and presenting entertainment in a setting like never before.

Escape by Sathyam Cinemas   the citys first luxury multiplex

Spanning a total area of 40, 000 square feet, escape includes 8 cinema screens and a private dining lounge in each screen. The cinema space has been designed by Giovanni Castor of Castor Designs, USA and renowned Chennai designer Vikram Phadke. There are six small halls with a capacity of a little over 100 and two large halls with a seating capacity of over 300, with ultra modern seats. In an attempt to transport you away from the ordinary, each of the 8 screens tells a story. Blush, Weave, Spot, Streak, Plush, Frame, Carve and Kites are the names of the cinemas. Keeping in tune with revolutionising movie viewing, escape is the first cinema in India to do away with projector rooms in addition to the floating screens in each hall.

Screen Inspirations
A cinema inspired by women and many of the things they cherish. This screen features plush velvet walls, crystal buttons adorn beaded velvet panels complimented by corset chandelier lighting and a grand dome ceiling. Blush was designed by California based designer Giovanni Castor.

Escape by Sathyam Cinemas   the citys first luxury multiplex

The cinema design is contemporary and elegant with an emphasis on the 3 form woven fixture. It has framed convex shaped panels that come together to create a woven pattern and has been highlighted with back lit lighting. The screen was designed by California based designer, Giovanni Castor.


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