Friday Fiesta - Movies this week [20 August 2010]

This Friday is turning out to be as predicted. The hesitation among the producers is visible and a kind of confusion is prevailing. Initially 'Endhiran' was thought to be releasing on September 3 but later it became September 10 and further September 24 date was almost confirmed by many. But now we hear the most anticipated film of this decade will be a Diwali bonanza, sudden reworking is happening among the producers. This inquisitive mood will continue until an official announcement comes from Sun Pictures with a date.

Meanwhile two medium budget films and one small budget film are releasing this Friday. The medium budget films, Naan Mahan Alla and Inidhu Inidhu, are from reputed banners and both have succeeded in generating good pre release hype. Also as usual there is, Fighter, martial arts dubbed film.

Naan Mahaan Alla is a Studio Green Productions distributed by Cloud Nine Movies. This is the fourth film of Karthi who has seen only hits so far. Kajal Agarwal who is a big name in Telugu would want o make it big in Tamil at least this time.

Director is Suseendran of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu fame. Director Suseendran assures that 'Naan Mahaan Alla' contains 100% entertainment factors with the right mix of comedy, romance, action and sentiments. The affairs of this film were handled by the deadly team that made Paiyaa a trendy offbeat commercial film. Music by Yuvan Shankara Raja, Camera by Mathi,dialogues by Bhaskar Sakthi, Lyrics by Na. Muthukumar. The credits makes NMA already stand close to victory post.

The heart of 'Naan Mahaan Alla' is about the bonding of a serious father and a romantic son, laced with the criminal backdrops of Chennai. Karthi plays the role of Jeeva, a typical middle-class Chennai youngster with a devil-may-care attitude, who is drawn into the world of crime and criminals after a particular incident changes his life.

The other notable film on this Friday is Duet Movies 'Inidhu Inidhu' produced by actor Prakash Raj. It is a youthful musical entertainer they say. Prakash Raj is known for his daringness to compete with different kinds of movies every time. 'Inidhu Inidhu' is also a different college campus story.

'Inidhu Inidhu' is a remake of Telugu film 'Happy Days' and introduces a lot of new talents including its director KV Guhan. Music composer Micky J Meyer is also a new comer. Although everything is new Prakash Raj has promoted the film rather innovatively. He reached out to various colleges in Trichy, Madurai and Kovai and promotedthe film with his entire tea. So the first hurdle is crossed even before the film is released.

The third one is a small film Innovation presents 'Kaipesi Enn'. This film introduces new comers Adarsh and Jillu in main roles and S.Kalimuthu, Ipshitha and others play other roles.

'Kaipesi Enn' is supposed to be a thriller which borders horror genre. With all new cast and crew the producers have not talked much about the film in words like they bothered to release regular print ads. The film is directed by Vishwaksenan with music by Isaivaanan.

The only dubbed film on this week is a Hongkong action film 'Fighter' that stars Donnie Yen who is a familiar name with films like Iron Monkey, Founding of a Nation, Ip Man etc.

This is dubbed from Ip Man. It is a semi-biographical martial arts film very loosely based on the life of a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun and the first person to teach the art openly. One of his students was Bruce Lee. It will pick up on his life after his migration to Hong Kong where he took on his most famous disciple – Bruce Lee.

This Friday happened to be a cautious one but the next weekend is going to be a more active weekend if news arriving now is to be believed.


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