Rajinikanth Secret Videos

Rajinikanth who dedicated himself fully for Endhiran for two long years has now started his favourite journeys that will give himself satisfaction. During the shooting of Endhiran, Rajni has not gone out on any trip. At any point of situation, Rajni has the habit of visiting his friends in Bangalore but he did not go to Bangalore at all.
Rajinikanth Secret Videos
While shooting for the film he stayed fully at his farm house in Kelambakkam. During this time he had built houses for 40 of his employees who had been at his service for more than 10 years at the farm house itself.
Rajni's daughter Soundarya's marriage is to be held on September 3rd. Endhiran is to be released during the month of September. After the release of this film Rajni will leaving for Himalayas. But this time he is not going to Baba's cave but to Mansarovar Kailash. He had completed the travel arrangements within a short time.
Rajni always has the habit of taking his special friends to Baba's cave. But this time he is taking a new set of friends with him. Top Industrialists are also in this friend's list. They also love peace and simplicity like Rajni.
Usually Rajni has the habit of going to Mantralayam to worship Raghavendra and meditate for three days before commencing any new film. But for unknown reasons Rajni has not gone to Mantralayam before the commencement of the shooting of Endhiran. But when Shankar announced that the film Endhiran has been completed, Rajni left to Mantralayam.
After three day meditations Rajni left to Bangalore in taxi. But he never went to his house at Race Course Road. But he stayed in an ordinary lodge in the suburbs of Bangalore. He had contacted a mechanic at Kalasipalayam bus depot and asked him to meet. When Rajni was a conductor that person was a close friend of him.
The whole night he spoke about the olden days. He slept for some time and got up early and asked the driver to park at the backside of a hotel in Kalasipalayam. He got down and went straight to the owner Gopinath's room. Gopinath who never expected Rajnikanth was shocked. When Rajni worked in the Kalasipalayam bus depot, he use to spend his time in this hotel only.
Gopinath is also one of the people who had instigated Rajni to go to Chennai. Rajni was served with a hot masala dosa. Treating himself with the dosa, he spoke to Gopinath with an open heart about many matters. When the news leaked that Rajni was there, the staff crowded the room.
Rajni who is normally jittery about the crowd took it very casually. One of the staff because of his interest started video recording the talks of Gopinath and Rajnikanth. Rajni was little reluctant. But the staff said," You come here only once in a way. So we will watch this video at other times. Let this film be an exclusive film for us by Endhiran." Rajni smilingly agreed for this. The video's duration is 15 minutes.
Gopinath has planned to edit and mix and release this clipping after the release of Endhiran. During this meet Rajni has shared some interesting experiences with film and political people. Since that was also recorded, Rajni friends in Bangalore say that this video will be very sensational.


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