Friday Fiesta - Movies this Friday 11th September 2010

The first Friday of September turned out to be a very ordinary. Six films were released last Friday and surprisingly a dubbed film walked away with the cake. Industry sources say the Hollywood dubbed 3d film 'Piranha3D' had out done all the films released last week. It collected approximately Rs. 76 lacs from 72 screens in the state. What's more surprising is that Piranha, a flop at the international box office took 100 per cent opening in the city. The film may be in 3D but most Hollywood films releasing these days are in 3D. The trend is educative. Better to learn things quick.
This Friday, September10 has six releases. Boss Engira Baskaran, Vanthe Matharam, Drohi and Tirupur are straight Tamil films. Maruthani and Resident Evil 4 are dubbed from Telugu and English respectively.
'Boss Engira Baskaran' is the movie of this week. It's a comedy about a forever helpful guy Baskaran (Arya) who is always busy doing odd jobs for other people. In the process he misses a lot of his personal life and doesn't seem to embark on a useful career. When things almost go out of hand, a no-nonsense young girl Chandrika (Nayantara) enters his life and puts him on right track. A middle class love also blooms on the way.
Arya has tried comedy for the first time and Nayantara adds that needed glitter to the film. Santhanam's comedy will be a major attraction they say. Director Rajesh has already proved his flair for romantic comedy with his first film 'Siva Manasula Sakthi'. Lot of expectations on BEB because of Rajesh's direction. Also because that the film is rumoured to be the last Tamil film of Nayantara.
'Vanthe Matharam' is a bilingual multi starrer which started off as 'Aruvadai'. It is produced by Henry who gave meaningful films like ‘Bharathi Kannamma' and ‘Marumalarchi’ before. The film is about a group of officers who challenge terrorist attempts to infiltrate south India. In the process it analyses farmers struggle and related terrorism and puts forward an innovative amicable solution to have lasting peace. The film will ignite high level of patriotic fervor with its hard hitting dialogues.
Mammootty and Arjun play police officers and Sneha plays a woman pilot. A highlight of the film is a patriotic song rendered by ten popular singers. T. Aravind of ‘Aravindan’ fame has directed this.
'Drohi' is another film worth to try out this week end. The film is a high energy story of two young friends, who love each other and hate each other to the same degree. Chocolate boy Srikanth has turned a tough guy in this double hero subject. Vishnu is the other strong man. . Pooja, Poonam Bajwa, Poorna and Thiagarajan also feature in this film. Pooja is said to have given a hard hitting performance. Woman Director Sudha was an assistant to Mani Ratnam. So you can expect some finesse in the film.
'Tirupur' is releasing with a tagline ‘Friends are life givers’. A group of friends go to Pollachi for a wedding and one among them sees his dream girl there. When the boy along with his friends go to her home town Tirupur to meet and propose they find her under the custody of a nasty villain. How they get got her out of his clutches is the interesting story. Uday and Unni Maya play the lovers. MC Duraisamy has written and directed this film.
'Maruthani' is a 2008 Telugu film 'Ghorintaku' dubbed in Tamil. The film is supposedly a tear jerking 'brother-sister' formula film. Sister going to her in laws place after marriage is distressed and returns to her brother. Later the brother takes up the cause to give her a better life sacrificing everything he has. Here the brother and sister both die at the end in each others arms.
`Dr. Rajashekar of 'Idhuthanda Police' and 'Evanayiruntha Enakkaena' fame is the doting brother and Meera Jasmine is the devoted sister. Aarthi Agarwal and Hema Choudhary are other main cast. A separate comedy track with Mayilsamy, Aarthi and Payilvan Ranganathan has been filmed for Tamil version. Our SA Rajkumar is the music director. You must appreciate the guts of the producer to release the film in these times.
'Resident Evil 4' is an action themed science fiction film. It takes off from where the third part ended. In the world ravaged by the T-Virus Alice gets superhuman abilities after exposure to the T-Virus. Alice roams around searching for survivors and leads them to safety.  Her arch nemesis Umbrella is hunting for her to use her DNA in order to control the virus’ mutation. Alice also is looking for him to 'settle her score'. Alice comes face to face with her arch-nemesis, Albert Wesker, for the first time in the series. Milla Jovovich plays Alice. Other cast includes Ali Larter, Kim Coates and Shawn Roberts.
This is going to be last big Friday for some time to come. As 'Endhiran' release is imminent there's not going to be much action in releases in the coming weeks. 'Endhiran' is going to occupy over 100 theaters in TN cities and so everything else will wait.
Get set to welcome the Robot. Chiti is going to Bang Bang.


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