Enthiran (Endhiran) Breaks All Records!

Stunning news for Rajini Lovers! Enthiran, or Robot has broken all the records till date of any Bollywood cinema and has drawn in a revenue which is incredibly huge. It has set an all-time record in the history of film industry where a film has generated such huge amounts of income. Indeed, at present all Rajini lovers are rejoicing about the fantastic collection made by the movie in the very first weekend. In fact, this movie is going to be one of the biggest blockbusters in the history of cinema if everything goes well.

The film has been released and there is no big movie to be released anytime soon, the closest ones being Rakhta Charithra and Golmaal 3 and this is one movie that would be getting a clean run till the next odd week or so, and get the best amount of revenue generated for the company.

The film is scheduled to make a profit of at least 300-400 Crore, which is double the cost of the movie and more. With a film which has the fabulous technical brilliance like this, this is one movie that would surely be a super duper hit in the coming weeks.


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