Prabhu deva stops paying money to wife to run the family

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Ever since he went public about his affair with actress Nayantara and affirmed that he would indeed be marrying her soon, it is said that Nayantara-turned-director Nayantara hasn't been paying money to his wife of 15 years, Ramalat, to run the family and take care of the expenses.
Ramalat is particularly in a spot of bother as she finds it difficult to manage the educational expenses of her two kids, now that Prabhu deva has abruptly stopped taking care of the family's financial needs. Ironically, Ramalat is said to be trying to secure a job for herself to take care of herself and her children.

After Prabhu deva's eldest son expired late last year due to cancer, the couple moved to Annanagar with their two sons. The palatial house was said to be costing Rs.1.5 lakhs per month for Prabhu deva as he had to take care of running the family, paying the maid servants, driver and the petrol charges. Whenever he remained on outdoor shooting, Prabhu used to send the money to his wife to cover these expenses.
After Ramalat filed a case with the Family Court in Chennai, Prabhu deva reportedly stopped paying for the family's expenses which has put pressure on Ramalat who is said to be surviving by mortgaging or selling her jewellery. Meanwhile, the case at the Court is coming up for hearing on 23rd November.
Unconfirmed reports also quote Prabhu deva as having 'threatened' Jayanti Kannappan, a noted film producer, for continuing to act in a manner supportive of his estranged wife Ramalat.


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