Rahman Starts Working On 'Paani'

A.R. Rahman has got more than it was called for by his fans for this year. Lots and lots of musical manias and now it's time for the Madras Mozart to offer an international touch. A.R. Rahman has joined hands with world renowned filmmaker Shekar Kapoor for the film 'Paani'.

The fictional piece of work is based on imaginary take on futuristic war between rich and poor classes for 'Water'.

The film produced by Academy Award Winning director Danny Boyle and Sharan Kapoor features Hrithik Roshan-Kristen Stewart-Christopher Waltz in lead roles. World renowned technicians Benoit Debie have handled cinematography and Jill Bilcock on editing.

A.R. Rahman is already working on an Indian-international film 'Nair-San' that will be simultaneously made in Malayalam, Hindi, English, Mongolian and Japanese. It is based on a Kerala based warrior, who fought for independence and on his journey to Japan, geared up for revolution.


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