Shawshank Redemption-Thottupaar: Cut,Copy and Paste

Previously we presented a blatant copycat of Hollywood's 'Uninvited' poster in 'Nil Gavani Selladhe'. The other fact about the film's plot inspired from 'Wrong Turn' is again a striking similarity. And again, there is a replica of Hollywood's most famous film 'Shawshank Redemption'.

It is the trademark poster of Tim Robbins as he raises his hands upon the heavy showers of rain soon after escaping out of World's largest high-security prison of Shawshank.

The creative department of 'Thottupaar' has exactly copycatted the poster even without changing its shades.

'Thottupaar' is directed K.T. Nandu and is produced by Tholpavai Theatres. Kalaipuli S Dhanu of V Creations has released the film. Newcomers Viddarth and Lakshana have donned lead characters while Ramana takes on a challenging role of a villainous eunuch.


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