‘Endhiran’ Story controversy : Amudha submits evidences

Author Amudha Tamilnaadan, who has claimed that the story of superstar Rajni’s latest offering ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ was written by her a few years ago, met the police yesterday and submitted her evidence in support of claim that the story was hers.
‘Endhiran’:Amudha submits evidences to police

Authors Amudha and Arnica Nasser have separately filed a case with the police claiming that the story of ‘Enthiran’ was theirs.  Amudha has also filed a suit with Chennai High Court claiming a compensation of Re.1 crore from the producers (read Sun Pictures) for ‘having used’ her script without seeking her prior permission.

Amudha has said that the story of ‘Enthiran’ has been ‘lifted’ from her story which was published in the journal ‘Iniya Udhayam’ way back in the year 1996 and has added that Shankar had ‘cleverly’ refurbished the story to suit the needs of celluloid.  The crime branch has now taken over the investigations into the case.

Shankar had submitted a written explanation saying that the story was based on the novel ‘En Iniya Iyandhira’ penned by the late author Sujatha.  Deposing before the anti-video piracy wing of the CB-CID at the Police Commissioner’s, Office, Amudha submitted copies of the journal ‘Iniya Udhayam’ published in 1996 which carried her story ‘Juguba’.

After verbally explaining her stance in the matter, Amudha left the COP’s office.


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