Happy Birthday to Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan!

Handsome, Intelligent, Talented, Actor, Director, Script writer, Singer... One man with so many 'kamaals' (magical skills)! Kamal Haasan is not just an actor, he is an inspiration! He has sported various roles on and off screen, and has won accolades for his every venture. Irrespective of whether his movie bombs at the box office or runs to a golden jubilee, he continues to make movies of substance.

Kamal Haasan is undeniably the true and ultimate hero of Indian cinema! He has already celebrated 50 plus years in cinema, which is no mean achievement. He made his silver screen debut when he was just 5 and stole a million hearts with his innocence and angelic charm. Cinema warmly wrapped its arms around him then and there, and he returned the embrace. He has relentlessly pursued the art for 50 long years and the best part is that neither he nor cinema has tired of each other. He celebrates his 56th birthday today!

A four time National Award winner and also the recipient of the Padmashri award, Kamal can be considered one of India’s best actors. From the na├»ve village boy to the cold-blooded murderer, from the playboy to the tough cop, he’s played a variety of roles that any actor can be proud of. Kamal’s best performances include his roles in Vazhvey Maayam, 16 Vayadhiniley, Sigappu Rojaakkal, Moonram Pirai, Guna, Nayagan, Aalavandhan – a list that cannot be contained in this space.

His performance in Nayagan and Moonram Pirai continue to be rated the best for an Indian actor. He rendered another powerful performance in Anbe Sivam, which he also scripted. The portrayal of his own character and that of Madhavan are complete and flawless – and both the actors have lived their roles. There is a streak pf humour in this man that makes his comedies inspire laughter like only he can. Michael Madana Kama Rajan, Avvai Shanmugi, Pammal K Samandham, Panchathanthiram, Vasool Raja MBBS are proof enough!

He has set several goals for himself, and there is absolutely no stopping the man. His every achievement has been a milestone for Indian cinema, and a stepping stone to higher achievements for him. For the world that knew Indian cinema only through Bollywood, Kamal Haasan’s acting non pareil (beyond comparison) and intense efforts have exposed them to Tamil cinema as well. Irrespective of success or failure, Kamal has always striven to deliver innovative and often revolutionary ideas, and that’s precisely what sets him apart from the rest. The veteran actor is currently busy with K.S. Ravikumar's Manmadhan Ambu opposite Trisha.
We wish him all the very best for this and every movie that the future holds for him.
Happy Birthday Kamal Sir!


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