Vijay TV new serials ‘Anbale Azhagana Veedu’ & ‘Uravugal Thodar Kathai’
Serials on Vijay TV have always been unique and not formulaic. Story lines have been distinctly keeping up with this trend. Two new serials titled ‘Anbale Azhagana Veedu’ & ‘Uravugal Oru Thodar Kathai’ would be launched from November 29, 2010 on Vijay TV and would air every Monday – Friday 12 noon & 12.30 pm respectively.
Anbaley Azhagana Veedu
This is the story of four sisters, Poornima, Sruthi, Arthi and Aruna who live in a town with their parents, Janardhanan and Revathi. Poornima is a free-spirited girl who is grounded in the values given to her by her parents. Sruthi is a nervous and shy girl who respects Poornima a lot, while Arthi is the beauty of the house- confident & vivacious. The youngest sister Aruna, the most protected one, is a chirpy, young, college going girl. It’s the time of Poornima’s wedding with her best friend and a choreographer by profession. Sruthi, who by then is already married to a good-hearted businessman, Magesh, is seven months pregnant.
But tragedy strikes the sisters’ lives, a day before Poornima’s wedding. This changes the sisters’ lives forever. What course do the sisters take in the ups & downs of their lives? Are they able to attain their destinies without giving in to what destiny itself has in store for them? Does the bond between them withstand the harsh tides of time? This forms the crux of this poignant story of relationships. Beginning from November 29, 2010 ‘Anbaley Azhagana Veedu’ would air every Monday-Friday, 12 noon on Vijay TV.
Uravugal Thodar Kathai
The concept of an arranged marriage is quiet unique to the Indian culture. The families choose the bride and the groom as per their own beliefs and customs and the two strangers are tied for a lifetime by the knot of holy matrimony. There is no question of a courting period or the individual preferences of the bride or the groom.
This story is a beautiful and heart warming story of a girl called Archana who, not unlike millions of other girls in India, knows that her marriage will happen with the consent of her parents and family. Like other young girls, she also has grown up fancying film stars and cricket stars…but to fall in love before marriage remains a distant dream for her.
Archana is born into a traditional family. She is the apple of everyone’s eye and lives a protected and sheltered life. Her family loves her very much and sets up her alliance with a deserving boy of their community. Although she willingly accepts her marriage with a boy, whom her parents have chosen as her life partner, she realizes that their relationship is not like any of the romantic notions she had nurtured in her heart about her future husband.
Her mother explains to her that love is an emotion that finds it’s way gradually into the relationship between a husband and wife. As they get to know each other more and more and learn to adapt themselves to their life partner, love will surface and they will find their bonds strengthened by it. Archana then begins the journey of discovery of her new life wondering if life is really the miracle that her mother proposes it is.
Love after marriage is something Archana is yet to experience and in the quest of that unrequited love, she is to chance upon changing dimensions of various other relationships… some bitter… some sweet… and finally discover that life is indeed a miracle. Uravugal Thodarkathai would air every Monday – Friday at 12.30 pm on Vijay TV. Don’t miss it.


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