Karthi Challenges Boss Engira Baskaran 'Nanbenda'


If 'Boss Engira Baskaran' was considered as the best comedy flick of this year, Karthi stands up for a challenge against director Rajesh that 'Siruthai' will eclipse it. During the occasion of 'Siruthai' trailer launch, Karthi came upon the occasion as he said that he and Santhanam have cracked the best jokes that will cause a terrific stomachache for the audiences.

As Rajesh was sitting closer to him, he said, "Rajesh, it will be best than your 'Nanbenda', for which Rajesh broke into laugh and spoke on his turn, "Yes, I believe it's fantastic than my film 'Boss Engira Baskaran'. Santhanam used to tell me that if you're planning to get us (Santhanam + Karthi), you will have to think something more different in hilarious portions."


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